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Looking for something specific to add to the playroom? You can easily find it by browsing according to toy type. We have conveniently grouped our children's toys into categories to make your browsing experience hassle-free. Whether you're looking for a plush toy for your little one to snuggle with, a challenging puzzle to exercise their mind, or a vehicle toy to keep them active, you can find the specific toy type you are looking for here.

Scroll below to learn the educational and developmental benefits of different toy types.

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Read Together


Whether it's for story time, bedtime, or simply to cherish for years to come, our collection of eco-friendly books is the perfect choice. Browse through our selection today and find the perfect one for you and your

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Supercharged learning

Educational Toys

While all of our toys are beneficial for a child's development, these toys focus on specific concepts such as letters, numbers or colors. Don't let the title fool you, educational toys are a wonderful addition to your child's playroom, as they make learning enjoyable and engaging.

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fun and


Recent research has shown that playing games can enhance children's planning and organizational skills, social abilities, and emotional regulation. In addition, playing games can also boost language and math proficiency, social skills, and help children manage stress levels. Our unique, eco-friendly children's games are sure to bring the whole family together again and again.

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A tiny world of their own

Miniature Playsets

Encourage your child to take control of their own little world with miniature play. This type of play allows young children to develop emotionally by crafting and manipulating miniature worlds. Through role-playing real-life scenarios and re-enacting special moments, kids can explore their feelings towards different people, events, and situations. To get started, browse our collection of eco-friendly mini playsets below – each one guaranteed to expand your child's universe.

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Build Something New

Models & Crafts

Our model kits and craft playsets are both fun and educational. By solving the puzzles, children can develop problem-solving skills, while using their creativity to create something unique. These toys provide a sense of satisfaction as children create something that is entirely their own. Our models include a wide selection of eco-friendly, education Eugy 3D puzzle sets.

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Play Food & Kitchens

Play food provides children with the opportunity to engage in imaginative play and imitate real-life situations, such as cooking and role-playing as chefs, parents, or kitchen staff. This type of play supports a child's development by promoting creativity, social skills, and problem-solving abilities. It also helps children develop language and communication skills, as they engage in conversations and interactions with their playmates.

We offer a variety of eco-friendly play food options for your aspiring young chef to explore.

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Zoom zoom around the room

Play Vehicles

These toys go FAST!

Playing with toy cars and trucks is a popular and educational pastime for children worldwide, enhancing their fine motor skills, STEM learning, cognitive skills, interactive and creative play, and social skills.

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Use your imagination

Pretend Play

Pretend play, or dramatic play, allows children to express themselves, use creative thinking, and practice conflict resolution skills. This type of play promotes communication, self-regulation, problem solving, social and emotional development, and independence. Pretend play toys can help children learn and understand the world around them.

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Squish, bend, build and fidget

Putty & Play Dough

Thinking Putty is a sensory putty toy that promotes creativity in children and helps develop fine motor skills, color and texture recognition. It also relieves stress, aids in attention and physical therapy for wrists and hands. It's not only for kids but also for adults, as it can be used for stress relief and improved focus.

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Put it together


Puzzles help in the development of children's spatial vocabulary, problem-solving, fine motor, and hand-eye coordination skills. Caregivers can use puzzle play to build social, emotional, and language skills by teaching concepts such as sequencing, turn-taking, and collaboration, and by encouraging persistence in solving problems. Children also improve their fine motor and hand-eye coordination as they manipulate puzzle pieces.

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Sorting and Stacking

Sorting and stacking toys help children practice hand-eye coordination and learn early numeracy skills such as size, comparison, and order. Additionally, sorting and grouping toys teach toddlers to identify similarities and differences, categorize objects, and develop early literacy and numeracy skills.

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Bring home a new friend

Stuffed Animals & Dolls

Our collection of eco-friendly stuffed animals and dolls is sure to inspire your child's imagination or provide a comforting companion. We believe that every child deserves a special friend to play with and cherish, take a look at our selection to find the perfect addition to your child's toy collection.

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Fun for baby

Teethers & Rattles

Our planet-friendly toys are the perfect alternative to traditional teethers and rattles. They provide sensory development for babies and a soothing effect for incoming teeth. Our trendy and chic designs are perfect for stylish parents and their adorable babies.

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Enjoy the journey

Travel Toys

Traveling with kids can be a real challenge, but our adventure-ready toys are here to save the day! Whether you're on a long car ride, a plane, or a train, our toys will keep your little ones entertained. They're designed with self-contained storage, so just take them out and let the good times roll!

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