Wooden Pixel Mosaic Playset by Cubika

Wooden Pixel Mosaic Playset by Cubika

When I think about "childhood unplugged", I immediately think of the Wooden Pixel Mosaic playset by Cubika. Its Minecraft IRL (In real life, as the kids say). Taking the popular building concept - and making it a real life picture puzzle. This unique wooden toy is great for kids 4+, ideal for 5-7 year olds, or even older. I had a good time putting the astronaut together!


Each kit includes 250 small wooden cubes that are about a half inch by half inch in a variety of colors. We carry both a space and fantasy themed set. 

There are five "known" pictures to assemble, simply follow the color coded card to fill your wooden canvas. Plus there are 2 "mystery" pictures included - you only get the numbers, no colors and no picture preview! A real challenge to uncover! You could also go "next level" and create your own pixeled images for the 12x12 grid, and even combine sets for more colors. The box is eye-catching and sturdy, perfect for storage.

Watch our demo reel on Instagram here

Play time for each picture is about 15-20 minutes, depending on child's skill and interest. You can keep the mosaic to admire - and then easily break down and start again.


This toy is made by Cubika in a small village in Ukrainian Carpathians Mountains. Their organic wood is sustainably harvested and FSC certified and dyed using organic German water based paints. It also meets extra strict European safety codes. High marks for eco-friendly and ethical construction.

What do you think of the Wooden Pixel Mosaic sets - will it impress your child?



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