4 Materials to Look for when Shopping for Eco-Friendly Toys

4 Materials to Look for when Shopping for Eco-Friendly Toys

As parents, we want to provide our children with the best toys that are both fun and safe for them to play with. However, we also want to make sure that we are not harming the environment in the process. That's why choosing sustainable materials for children's toys is a great way to ensure that our kids can have fun while also reducing our environmental impact. Below we highlight some of the best sustainable materials for eco-friendly toys.

Reclaimed Rubberwood

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One of the best eco-friendly materials for children's toys is rubberwood. Rubberwood is a type of hardwood that is harvested from rubber trees that have reached the end of their latex-producing cycle. The wood is then used to create a variety of toys, from building blocks to puzzles. Because rubberwood is a byproduct of the rubber industry, using it for toys reduces waste and helps to conserve natural resources.

PlanToys achieves zero waste by transforming rubberwood sawdust used in the creation of toys into their innovative PlanWood material.

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Reclaimed Rubberwood Toys




FSC Certified Wood & Paper

Another great sustainable material for children's toys is FSC sustainably harvested wood and paper. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that promotes responsible forest management. Toys made from FSC-certified wood and paper are produced using sustainable practices that help to protect the environment.

FSC certified & Recycled Materials




Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

Post-consumer recycled plastic is also a good choice for eco-friendly toys. This material is made from plastic that has already been used and then recycled. By using post-consumer recycled plastic for toys, we are keeping plastic out of landfills and reducing the need for new plastic production.

Recycled Plastic Toys




Sustainably Harvested Cotton

Finally, sustainably sourced cotton is a great option for soft toys and stuffed animals. Conventional cotton production is known to be environmentally damaging, but sustainably sourced cotton is grown using sustainable farming practices that prioritize soil health, water conservation, and biodiversity. Cotton is biodegradable, allowing it to decompose when it is no longer used.

Biodegradable Cotton Toys




Choosing sustainable materials for children's toys is a great way to reduce our environmental impact while also providing our kids with safe and fun toys to play with. By opting for materials like rubberwood, FSC-certified wood and paper, post-consumer recycled plastic, and sustainably sourced cotton, we can make a positive difference for our planet and our children's future.

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